ACERT History

ACERT History

On January 24, 1975 Charles Jacobi organized a meeting for radiologic technology educators on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus. Educators representing sixteen programs from Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington met to set goals for innovation and address problems in radiology education.

This began a yearly meeting between many western United States programs and this group became known as the Western Intercollegiate Consortium on Education in Radiologic Technology (WICERT). As the organization grew and as hospital programs became affiliated with colleges and universities, programs from other areas of the country requested membership. Acting on the multiple requests, the Board of Directors voted in 1987 to expand WICERT from a regional organization to a national professional educator’s organization.

In 1991 the Institutional Members voted to change the name of the organization to the Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology (ACERT). ACERT held its first meeting at the Rivera Hotel in Las Vegas. While the name changed the mission and goals did not and the organization maintained both Institutional and Associate membership.

ACERT is dedicated to improving the quality of education among radiologic technology programs. As ACERT grew, the annual conference expanded to include more educational courses for program faculty, clinical instructors, and students. ACERT continues to meet each year in Las Vegas to hold a quality educational conference.

It is through the leadership and foresight of these past presidents that ACERT has been able to provide the professional collegiality that supports its membership as it encounters the new challenges in medical imaging and therapy education.