ACERT Bylaws

ACERT Bylaws

Association Of Collegiate Educators In Radiologic Technology

ACERT, Inc. is a Non-Profit Educational Organization


Adopted May 3, 1975. As Revised January, 2018

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Article I name

This non-profit educational organization shall be known as the:
Association of Collegiate Educators in Radiologic Technology, (ACERT), hereinafter referred to as ACERT.

Article II objectives and purposes

Section 1

The objectives and purposes of this non-profit organization are to improve the educational programs of collegiate Radiologic Science programs and more specifically:

  • To annually provide a meeting for ACERT active, institutional and associate members for the exchange of ideas and information related to collegiate radiologic science education and health professions.
  • To cooperate effectively with all organizations in the health related professions and education for the promotion of sound educational programs and standards.
  • To recognize outstanding contributions to radiologic technology education.
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Article III membership

Section 1 – Qualifications for Membership

Institutional Membership

Any institution in the United States with a collegiate radiologic science program that meets requirement for educational quality as set by ACERT is eligible for membership application.

Associate Membership

Associate members shall be those educators who are actively or have retired from practicing in the art and science of imaging and therapeutic modalities.

Life Membership

A Life Member has been either an institutional member or an associated member as defined by the qualifications for ACERT membership for at least ten years. A Life Member shall have reached the age of 65 or be retired. A Life Member shall have rendered outstanding meritorious service to the radiologic science profession. This service may include serving as a volunteer to this organization as committee member or chair, officer, mentor researcher, and leader.

Section 2 – Application for Membership

  • Institution or individual’s eligible shall make application to ACERT for membership and shall provide all information required to support such application and shall pay all fees required for such application before such application can be accepted.
  • The Board of Directors of ACERT as specified in Article IV, Section 2, shall approve or disapprove all applications for membership by majority vote.
  • A Life Member would be recommended to the Board of Directors by an institutional member or associate members. The Life Member would be selected by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 3 – Voting

  • An institutional member shall have only one vote in all election processes and shall specify one representative for purpose of voting.
  • Associate members shall be eligible to hold an office or a chairmanship of a standing committee and vote on policy and procedure matters. They shall not be eligible to vote on constitution or bylaw changes; only institutional members will be eligible to vote on these matters.
  • A Life Member cannot vote and cannot hold an office.

Section 4 – Membership Termination

Memberships may be terminated by the Board of Directors, after appropriate review, by majority vote for failure to adhere to the educational standards set by ACERT or failure to pay the dues or fees assessed institutional members.

Section 5 – Liability

No member of ACERT shall be personally liable for any debts, liabilities, or obligations of the organization.

Article IV officers of the organization

Section 1 – Elected Officers

The elected officers of this organization shall be the President, President-Elect, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Section 2 – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of the Past President, President, President-Elect, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer.

SECTION 3 – Tenure

The Past President, President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer shall serve a two-year term; the President-Elect shall serve a one-year term.

SECTION 4 – Nominations, Elections and Appointments

  • Nomination and election of officers shall be at the annual meeting. Officers shall be installed at the termination of the annual meeting. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of institutional members in attendance at the annual meeting. Institutional members not in attendance may vote by written proxy. Officers shall be eligible for nomination and reelection to the same office for one additional term.
  • Chairman of standing committees shall be elected by majority vote of the committee members at the annual meeting.
  • When any office becomes vacant due to resignation or any other cause, the Board of Directors shall appoint by majority vote, a successor to fill the unexpired term of office.
  • The election of the Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer will occur on alternate years from that of the President-Elect.

SECTION 5 – Duties

  • The duties of the elected officers shall be those usually devolving upon such officers. The President shall serve as chairman of the annual and special meetings of the organization including those of the Board of Directors. In the event of his or her absence, such duties shall automatically be delegated to the Vice-President.
  • The Board of Directors shall exercise general control of the affairs and inters of the association and shall plan the meetings of the organization ad recommend for organization action the general policies to be observed by the organization. The Board of Directors may appoint an annual meeting chairman to plan and organize the annual meeting. Nothing in this section shall preclude a proposal by a member or any policy or particular matter for an organization motion thereon at the business meetings of the organization.
  • The duties of Associate Members shall be relative and restrictive to the internal workings and needs of ACERT.

Article V meetings

Section 1 – Annual Meeting

An annual meeting shall be called once a year at such time and place as designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 2 – Special Meetings

Special meeting shall be called as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors or upon petition by twenty percent of membership or five institutional members, whichever number is greater.

Section 3 – Committee Meetings

Committee meetings shall be called at the discretion of each
committee chairman.

Section 4 – Order of Business

The annual and special meetings shall be conducted under Robert’s Rule of Order, newly Revised in which cases they are applicable and which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws.

Article VI amendments

Amendments to this constitution and/or bylaws shall be effected only by the following procedure:

  • Motion for amendment shall be presented in writing to the Chairperson of the Board 90 days prior to the annual meeting. Within 30 days, the Chairperson of the Board shall send copies of the proposed changes to all ACERT members
    of record.
  • Action on the motion shall be required at the ACERT annual meeting with passage required by a two-third majority vote of those present at the annual meeting. Voting shall be closed ballot with proxies from members who were not represented.
  • The effective date of any action resulting from the ballot shall be immediate.
  • The ACERT Board of Directors has the authority to nominate ACERT members for service to other organizations

Article VII non-discrimination

It shall be the policy of ACERT that no person will be excluded from participation, be denied services or benefits, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, age, religion, marital status, medical condition or disability

Article VIII officers/staff

Section 1.

The President shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees. He/she shall authorize any bills of expense incurred by committees or members of the organization in the conduct of association business.

Section 2.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep complete and accurate minutes of all meetings of the organization including those of the Board of Directors. He/she shall be responsible for proper dissemination of such minutes and for all appropriate correspondence of his/her office and for such communications as assigned by the President.

Section 3.

The Secretary/Treasurer will keep accurate financial records of the organization. They shall have charge of the books of account, shall collect all monies due the organization, and upon approval of bills, make payment of same. They shall maintain a current and active roster of all members of the organization. They will present all books of account to the Board of Directors annually, and/or on demand, for audit.

Section 4.

The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and assume duties as designated by the President.

Section 5.

The President-Elect shall familiarize himself/herself with the activities of ACERT and shall make all preparations necessary for his/her elevation to the office of President.

Article IX Board of Directors and other committees

Section 1.

All bills incurred by any committee for expense shall be approved by the chairman of that committee and submitted to the President for approval.

Section 2.

Members of the Board of Directors may vote by mail or email ballot when so requested by the President on matters requiring attention between meetings or if members are unable to attend scheduled meetings of the Board. A majority shall constitute affirmative action

Section 3.

Ad Hoc Committees may be convened by the President or in his/her absence, by the Vice-President to study or resolve questions not within the purview of a standing committee.

Article X Membership Dues

Active institutional membership dues shall be $150.00 annually. The membership year shall be from October 1 through September 30 of the calendar year.

Associate membership dues shall by $35.00 annually. The membership year shall be from October 1 through September 30 of the calendar year.

A Life Member shall pay no dues.

Article XI Advisory Committee

The Board of Directors shall be empowered to appoint an Advisory Committee to ACERT, composed of individuals from such bodies as state and national societies, state and federal agencies, foundations, etc. The Advisory Committee members may or may not be registered technologists, but are selected on the basis of their ability to advice on and contribute to the meeting of the objectives of ACERT. The term of office, the number and the responsibilities of the member(s) of the Advisory Committee shall be determined by the Board of Directors. The Advisory Committee shall serve ACERT in an advisory capacity only and shall have no voting privileges

Article XII Dissolution

In the event of dissolution or final liquidation of the Society, all of its assets remaining after payment of its obligations shall have been made or provided for, shall be distributed to and among such corporations, foundations or other organizations operating exclusively for scientific or educational purposes consistent with those of ACERT, as designated by the Board of Directors.